Khamis, 17 Mac 2011

SECRET wins Music Bank K-Chart triple crown + other performances

Music Bank is back once again with a fun and exciting show filled with amazing performances!

Besides the usual, there were debut performances by After School’s Kahi, 5dolls, and Coin Jackson. Meanwhile, IU, Lee Hyun, Kan Mi Youn, and Dalmatian all made their comebacks. In addition, there were also special stages with Music Bank MC Hyun Woo joining Dal Shabet for their performance, while TEEN TOP linked up with SECRET for another.

Having won last week, SECRET faced off against IU for the second week running for this week’s K-Chart, and it was the former who clinched their K-Chart triple crown. And once again, leader, Hyosung sobbed tears of joy after the announcement. Congratulations to SECRET!

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