Khamis, 17 Mac 2011

SECRET Sunhwa’s heart fluttered when her manager protected her

On March 16th, SECRET’s Sunhwa guested on MBC’s “Radio Star” and revealed that her heart fluttered over a ’skinship’ moment with her manager.

“The skinship I had before I contracted with my agency was the last time.  I’ve never once dated since then,” she began.

When asked to describe her favorite type of skinship, she described, “I love it when we’re walking on the sidewalk and guys move you away from the street whenever a car goes by.  A while ago, our manager protected us like that and my heart fluttered.”

Members Hyorin and Bora continued by adding, “She likes it when a big guy hugs her from behind.” Ji Eun further described, “Also, when guys touch her hair!”

On the topic of keeping group peace, the members revealed that SECRET holds a ’secret time’ once a week, which is a ritual that began during their debut days. The girls sit down together to reflect on any wrongs committed by the members and express any ill feelings they had harbored during the week.

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