Khamis, 17 Mac 2011

SECRET wins Music Bank K-Chart triple crown + other performances

Music Bank is back once again with a fun and exciting show filled with amazing performances!

Besides the usual, there were debut performances by After School’s Kahi, 5dolls, and Coin Jackson. Meanwhile, IU, Lee Hyun, Kan Mi Youn, and Dalmatian all made their comebacks. In addition, there were also special stages with Music Bank MC Hyun Woo joining Dal Shabet for their performance, while TEEN TOP linked up with SECRET for another.

Having won last week, SECRET faced off against IU for the second week running for this week’s K-Chart, and it was the former who clinched their K-Chart triple crown. And once again, leader, Hyosung sobbed tears of joy after the announcement. Congratulations to SECRET!

SECRET wins Music Bank K-Chart again + other performances

After a break in transmission due to the Lunar New Year holidays, Music Bank is back once again with a fun and exciting show filled with amazing performances!

Besides the usual stages, Lee Jung returns with a new album after his release from the army, while Kim Bo Kyung becomes the first Superstar K2 participant to perform on the show.

Having won last week, SECRET faced off against IU for this week’s K-Chart, and it was the former who clinched their 2nd consecutive win and taking two trophies home tonight.

And unlike last week, SECRET was able to collect their trophy during live broadcast and leader, Hyosung couldn’t help but tear in happiness. Congratulations to SECRET on their win!

SECRET’s Ji Eun on going solo, her transformation, and increased popularity

SECRET’s Song Ji Eun launched her debut solo track “Going Crazy” almost two weeks ago, but she’s still setting music charts a-fire, even besting some of the other big name stars who began their comeback promotions around the same time.
When told of her popularity, however, Ji Eun cocked her head with confusion. “When I was just about to release the album, I thought to myself that I’d consider it a success if it even ranked in the top 50. My agency didn’t give me any pressure about music chart rankings since this album aimed to show my talent as a singer, and the image transformation I was capable of. The results are definitely better than what we all expected, so it’s a great feeling.”
In order to prepare for her solo comeback, Ji Eun revealed that she worked especially hard so that she would not falter before the pressures of going solo. She paid close attention to her facial expressions and breathing techniques, and even took piano lessons to perfect her stage.
Ji Eun explained, “Now that I’ve begun performing on TV as a solo, I’ve realized that facial expressions are extremely important. Before, I thought my live singing was the most important, and since I don’t have much experience being on my own, it really was very difficult. There were a lot of things I didn’t know about now that I’m without my group.”
She continued, “I’m still lacking a lot of things, but the aspect I’m most concerned about is my breathing. I get so nervous on live broadcasts that I can’t control it. Whenever my pitch doesn’t come out the way I want it to, it shows right away on my face.”

At the mention of her striking new hair color, she revealed, “I honestly didn’t like my hair color at first, but I knew that I had to give up the thought of ‘looking pretty’ this time (laughter). My goal was to show a different side to myself, so I’m glad that my fans enjoy it (laughter).”
The concept for “Going Crazy” is just as ‘out there’ as her hair color. Although it’s a standard ballad with traces of hip hop, the lyrics carries the song to new levels with its descriptions of a stalker-like relationship, and the inter-changing viewpoints between the man and woman involved.
She stated, “Like I said before, this song was not created to fit the norm, but rather, was meant to represent another image of myself. I wanted to leave a strong impact in the minds of the public, as well as attempt a genre that is normally hard for other idols to take on.”

Ji Eun also explained that collaborating with rapper Bang Yong Guk was a new challenge for her.“Collaborating with Yong Guk helped in bringing me out from my shell. I always thought that idols had to look at the camera and sing as prettily as possible, but working with a partner this time presented new challenges that helped a lot in bringing me out. I haven’t run into any problems in working with Yong Guk, since he’s been promoting underground for a long time.”

Ji Eun concluded the interview by discussing the future plans for herself and SECRET. “This solo album can be seen as a departure from SECRET’s original color. The other members will be beginning their own solo activities with their own colors, so please give them your love and support (laughter).”

SECRET Sunhwa’s heart fluttered when her manager protected her

On March 16th, SECRET’s Sunhwa guested on MBC’s “Radio Star” and revealed that her heart fluttered over a ’skinship’ moment with her manager.

“The skinship I had before I contracted with my agency was the last time.  I’ve never once dated since then,” she began.

When asked to describe her favorite type of skinship, she described, “I love it when we’re walking on the sidewalk and guys move you away from the street whenever a car goes by.  A while ago, our manager protected us like that and my heart fluttered.”

Members Hyorin and Bora continued by adding, “She likes it when a big guy hugs her from behind.” Ji Eun further described, “Also, when guys touch her hair!”

On the topic of keeping group peace, the members revealed that SECRET holds a ’secret time’ once a week, which is a ritual that began during their debut days. The girls sit down together to reflect on any wrongs committed by the members and express any ill feelings they had harbored during the week.

Secret’s Han Seon Hwa reveals what she looks like without makeup and proves she has a beautiful skin with no blemishes

Seoul, Korea – Secret’s Han Seon Hwa has revealed what she looks like without makeup.
A picture of Han without makeup was recently posted on an online community site and is becoming a hot issue. Even without makeup, she skin like a baby’s, making netizens envious.

The picture was taken when Secret visited Guam, and it shows Han, dressed comfortably, in a cute pose in a hotel lobby.

Netizens expressed their astonishment at Han’s beauty: “Her face is exceptional even without makeup.” “Her skin is a work of art.” “She makes it look like a photo shoot even when she’s wearing ordinary clothing.”
After finishing her performances for Shy Boy, she has successfully handled her own schedule and is taking a rest before preparing for the group’s next album.